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Here are our most frequently asked questions about our secure transactions and placing orders on HOL
What measures do you take to protect credit card information?
We take credit card fraud seriously in order to insure our customers the best possible protection of their credit card information.  We log and track all IP addresses and use them to trace any fraudulent transactions.  We report any international fraud attempts to the US government and we report any US fraud attempts to the FBI.  

Your information will be encrypted using TELEsitesSSL Digital Web Server Certificate with 128bit encryption services.  We do not retain credit card details in our system or database.  All credit card details are processed by our financial institution in a secure environment.

To discourage fraud we do not list all the ways we check credit cards for authenticity here.  At HOL we go out of our way to make sure that the person placing the order is indeed the person authorized to use the credit card account. 

We ship no products or allow any downloads until the process is complete.

What type of payments do you accept?

There are many ways to make ePayment (electronic payments) for your HOL products that you select from our shops.  

For complete details see our ePayments page.

Why don't you accept credit cards through PayPal?

Due to the high amount of PayPal fraud we do NOT accept credit card payments through their services and any that are received that are NOT from an existing account are denied by us immediately. 

We accept credit card payments directly through our own shopping cart program. 

We only accept PayPal payments from existing PayPal accounts.

Existing accounts have already been verified with a thorough bank account verification process by PayPal.  Persons paying with a credit card who do not have an existing account are not checked to a high enough standard for us to accept the order.  Lately PayPal has made this problem worse by accepting credit cards from non-members first and then asking them if they would like to be a member after the fact.  This will most likely make PayPal a higher target for credit card fraud and we will not allow our products to be shipped or other persons credit cards to be used for fraudulent orders.

The best way to purchase with a legitimate credit card is directly through our online shopping cart program and our secure transactions servers.  We check credit card orders in a vast number of different ways before allowing authorization in order to protect everyone from fraudulent use of their accounts and identity.  In most cases, we are the first party reporting the fraud to the bank when we find someone's card is been misused.       

How can I purchase in currency other than US dollars?

There are many ways to make ePayment (electronic payments) for your HOL products with any currency worldwide. 

For complete details see our ePayments page

All prices are displayed in US Dollars.  We do not accept checks or money orders in any other currency except US Dollars. 

For your convenience there is a link to the current exchange rates on the top of every shop page.

To view current currency exchange rates click here.

Is my information secure?

Our web server is secured using TELEsitesSSL Digital Web Server Certificate. This ensures that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted.  Please click on the TELEsitesSSL Site Seal (above) to see information about the TELEsitesSSL Certificate, and our commitment to your security.  

For more information about TELEsitesSSL or to get a secure certificate for your web site click here >>

Is the Internet secure?

Since the Internet is an electronic media forum that is open to millions of people, breaches in security are bound to happen.  We have taken the highest precautions to ensure that all your information be sent encrypted.  If you are still concerned with the security of your credit card information you may fill out the order form electing to pay by telephone or fax.  Then call us at 516-771-7100 or fax the name on the credit card, billing address, number and expiration date to us at 516-771-7100.  

Is my information private?

We do our utmost to secure all our information and keep it within our organization.  We do not sell, share or distribute any email addresses or customer information to anyone at anytime, ever.  See our privacy policy for more details.

How do I get to my Instant Download?
Your Instant download order may be "on hold" within our system.  For the security of all who shop in our online stores we hold any order that may seem unusual.  We have many checks in place that must be met before we release the Download file to the purchaser.  If all the conditions are met then the Download is "instantly" available however, if even one of the detailed checks (address, IP, card code, email, etc.) results in a questionable transaction, we hold the order until we can verify all the Bank information.  Full verification will be made before we release any downloadable product or ship any item. 

We take credit card fraud seriously in order to insure our customers the best possible protection of their credit card information.  We report any international fraud attempts to the US government and we report any US fraud attempts to the FBI.   



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